Friday, January 28, 2011

Artificial Sunshine!!

Sometimes in life we have no idea what is around the corner! We often have no idea what will happen to us, what decisions we will be faced with, who we will meet or even where we will go. There simply is no way to plan for it. This past month I have been through a whirlwind of unexpected emotions, new friends, thought provoking decisions, and ups and downs of unexplainable measure. However, through it all I can say that the one thing that has helped me the most is the choice I have made to be happy and my friends that have supported me in that choice. Life is too short to worry about all the unexpected things that you cannot plan for. You have to take one day at a time and realize that this is your life. You need to do what makes you happy. Don't worry about all the fluffy detail or the analyzing that you could do for hours about any decision. Simply do what makes YOU happy. In one of my darkest moments one of my closest friends Nikki Saenz said to me, "Dall, sometimes we get all caught up in the thoughts of everyone else and we worry so much about pleasing them rather than doing what makes us happy. You can only do that for so long before you drive yourself crazy, and before you know it, you wont even recognize who you are." Good advice from and amazing friend. I love you Nikki!
This morning I woke up feeling a little overwhelmed with things to do, decisions to make, and places to go. But as soon as I realized where I was, who I was with and what made me
happy, I also realized that I was already happy, and all of that uneasiness went away and I knew today was a great day! My amazing friend Mike was sad the other day and when I asked him what was wrong he said, "I need sunshine, then everything will be alright." :) (this is why I love Mike) I laughed and agreed emphatically suggesting we go tanning. Ha Ha But then I began to think, Sunshine...? is it sunshine that we need or is sunshine just a way for us to realize that everything will be ok and that we are happy. Ya know like a sort of sign. Then it clicked, Sometimes it takes realizing that you are already happy to be happy:) From the day I had that conversation with Mike until now I have been focusing on my artificial sunshine. So here are a few things from my list of sunshine and I hope all of you have a list of your sunshine so that when the time comes and you feel down and out you can have a little sunshine in your lives and realize that you are already happy and there is no need to worry!
-Bright clothes
-Amazing Friends
-Nikki Saenz and Michael Garrett
-Fun Family
-Great Movies
-Spontaneous road trips!
-My brain
and so so much more:)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Simplicity is Bliss:)))

Hello everyone!! well it has been a while since i have updated the blog but i have been thinking a lot and this is the best place to put my word vomit so here it goes:)
Lately many of the people I care about have been having rough days including myself. In the whirlwinds of life we seem to get so caught up in everything we HAVE to do and we don't spend nearly enough time caught up in what we GET to do. This morning I was walking to class just looking at people and as I walked down the hall I could not make out a single expression, be it good or bad on any one's faces. They were all just...there. It was a real eye opener for me. So I started to smile and people were noticing! they would ask to themselves in a quiet voice" what is he so happy about." In reality I wasn't happy about anything I was just enjoying what I get to do that day rather than what I have to do. Life is short and we don't have the time or the energy to put so much stress and worry on ourselves to the point we can't enjoy simplicity. Simplicity is Bliss in so many ways! When we can all just take a step back and simplify, and I mean SIMPLIFY EVERYTHING life seems to be so much more enjoyable. As much as i hate to put my Organic Chem teacher in my blog, she gave me the perfect example of this today. I was feeling super depressed about my Organic Chemistry class and i had ZERO confidence in myself. I decided i needed to go talk to my professor and get some advice. Guess what she said... "Try to not try so hard. Just sit back and let it fall into place." Now it is obvious that some work is required. But it was so simple. Try not to try so hard. Try not to try so hard to be perfect, to be the best at everything, to please everyone you come in contact with, to look good when you go out...Just simplify. Thanks to my org. chem professor i learned a great lesson today...Simplicity is Bliss.
So as we go through our day working, planning, worrying, stressing just remember life is meant to be enjoyed and the best way to achieve it is to simplify. Because Simplicity is Bliss and Bliss is good:)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The roller coaster we call life :)

I know it has been forever since I have written in my blog but i feel a need to get my feelings out there and who ever can benefit from them then great:)
So I was at my Apt. the other day and I walked past my room-mate Bryant playing Roller Coaster Tycoon.  Ha Ha don't worry he has a life and is a really cool kid don't judge him for that. (Love you Bryant). Anyways,  it got me thinking about all the ups and downs in life and how it is so hard sometimes when you are at that low point to know you will eventually come back up.   I have had some experiences over this past year that just about did me in.  I really didn't know if i could keep going and had no idea where i was going in life.  But i write this today to tell everyone that no matter what happens, no mater how low you get or how helpless you feel, you will always come back up.  Just as a roller coaster does:)  
Life is hard and at times impossible.  However, it is at these times when you really get a chance to look deep into your soul and discover who you really are.  You may be surprised at the answer, you may not even like it.  But be proud to be you.  If there needs to be some tweaks and changes then make them, but never regret who you are.  
If there is one thing i have learned it is to live loudly and wear your heart on your sleeve.  You are you.  YOU make your own decisions, YOU deal with the consequences, YOU choose to be happy, YOU have complete control over your life and what you want to make of it.  There is no sense in getting sucked into the ever so popular view of I can't.  Don't hold back at all and don't let those dips and dives in life through you off.  They only last a short time, just as if you are on a roller coaster.  But remember those drops and curves are often what we remember most about the roller coaster.  This is the same in life.  Don't forget those hard time. Remember them and move forward.  
There will be so many times in life that you feel you can't go on.  You may feel so alone, scared, confused, but i promise you, if you just keep moving things will work out.
 I could never had made it to today if it wasn't for the most amazing family ever.  My mom and dad have never given up on me and it has meant so much to me. Thanks.  I also owe so so so much to my friends.  At times I am sure I have put them in awkward places and they didn't know quite how to help or what to say but I knew I could always go them for help and support and they would be there for me.  You guys saved me thanks.     

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Re-Evaluate Success

So today I was driving on the freeway jammin to my tunes just thinking about life and the different places it will take me. As I started to think about all that I wanted to do I began to think will I ever be able to do it all.  What about all my friends and family, what are they going to think... I mean most of them are on the fast track to be rich doctors, dentists, lawyers and who knows what.  Don't get me wrong, I am very happy for all of them and love them to death but i began to worry cause what if that is not what I want... And then, out of nowhere, I pass this white car that has painted on the back of it in big bright letters a phrase that stated, " RE-EVALUATE SUCCESS!"
When I saw this it hit me that success is really in the eye of the beholder.  We can't go through life comparing ourselves to others.  We all find ourselves in different situations in life.  Some may be getting married others may be working and others are going to school.  We make our own schedules and I think it is very important that we do things on OUR schedules and not compared to others.  What might be success to one may not be for another, but that is not what is important.  The only thing that matters is if you feel you are moving forward.  Some may be sprinting others walking and some may be crawling, nonetheless they are all moving forward.  many people think that if they don't get married before a certain age then your a failure, others think that if you don't finish school in four years you are a failure.  Well i got news for you, your not.  Make goals to give you a vision of what you want to achieve and strive everyday to reach them.  But don't get frustrated if your success doesn't come as quickly or as easily as others.  Just stick to and remember to move forward!!  Re-evaluate success and find out what YOUR success is.  If its getting up an hour early or if its running a marathon... Make it YOUR success and no one else's. :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not so Strangers to Me!

So this morning I went skiing by myself.  At first I was wondering if it might be a little weird all alone up there on the  mountain but in reality it turned out to be some of the best alone time I have ever had! As I was on the mountain I began to think about all of the people that have had such a huge effect on my life and the great many things that I have learned from them.  I will start off by apologizing if I do not mention your name in this but know that if I have met you I am sure I have learned and loved every moment with you.  
           First off my family.  They are the most amazing people I know.  I am at times not the easiest person to understand or get a long with but day after day i 
feel love and support from them in whatever it is that i am doing.  I often wonder how they have not disowned me. ha ha I look up to them and have learned so so much from them it is amazing. My mom is the most amazing mom ever.  She has taught me what it means to prioritize and to put what is important first and the rest will fall into place.   She also has taught me what it means to love EVERYONE.  As for my dad, I have learned so much about how to care for a family and how to truly understand what it means to be happy.  It's not the money or the things you have but the people that surround you. He is an amazing father.  Also my sister and my brother are some of the most amazing most courageous people I have ever met.  They give me energy every day.   Thanks to my family I have come to realize many things that i will cherish forever. 
           As many of you know there is a special someone in my life... yes, you got it.  Her name is Amanda.  Now if you ask me if we are dating the answer is yes. However, Amanda and I understand our relationship and that's all that matters to me:) Something else I do know about Amanda is that she has been my life saver!! I have never in a million years thought I could learn so much from one person about life and how a simple change in attitude 
can make all the difference. She has shown me how goals and vision is what drives us everyday, 
about how important it is to give yourself some time to figure things out.  She always has such a level head and understands exactly what people are feeling and has an incredible gift to help everyone that needs it. I only hope i can keep up with her and be as amazing as she is. Oh and yes I have learned that High Fructose Corn Syrup is not a healthy option as well as many other things i was not aware of..(wink wink) ha ha.  Every time I am around her I want to be better and I try to soak in as much of her energy as I can!
                  I also have some of the best friends in the world! I know that no matter what happens they will always be there for me.  I have learned something different from each of them.  Dean and his dedication to his school work and everything he does for that matter. Ryan and his ability to motivate and help everyone in need. Bryant, who is one of the best listeners I have ever met.  He just always cares about how you are doing.  Nikki and the way she can lighten the mood and make memories last a lifetime. Sara who is one of the most amazingly well balanced girls I have ever met.   She also seems to know exactly what she wants out of life and she knows she will eventually get it. My room mate Wade who is very sarcastic at times, ha ha, but always seems to be understanding. He is a great help and support even though i have only known him for a short amount 
of time. There are so many of you guys that have changed the way i look at life and I will forever be in debt. 
Many people look at work as a place where you HAVE to go instead of GET to go.  lately I have been thinking about the people I work with and how every single one of them has been through different situations and experiences that have molded them into who they have become.  When i go to work I try to suck as much out of them as I can and they truly are amazing people each one of them.  
             You are probably asking yourself,  what is this post about and what exactly is Dallas trying to say... :) Well my point is this.  That every day we encounter so many people from all around the world.  From the woman in the line at the grocery store to our best friend from high school.  All of these people are living in different situations.  Some struggling to make ends meet others, suffering from a disease. Some thinking about marriage others dealing with a divorce. We are all so different!  To me this is a great opportunity to learn from others and their experiences.  Think about it.  Everyone has their own story and their own book they are writing every day.  If we just take a minute to realize how amazing the people are around us and the effect they could and have had on our lives we will be that much more grateful!
Thank you to ALL of you that have effected my life and helped me grow.  You guys Rock!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Little Things Make The Difference!

So I am  glad to finally be writing on my blog!  It has taken me forever to figure out what it is that I wanted to write about.  The funny thing is, I still have no idea. ha ha  Some of you will be happier than others to read this because you have been waiting for a while to read what it is I have to say. I hope you all enjoy this blog and can take a ride on the roller-coaster that goes on inside my head sometimes.
Over the past few months I have been doing a lot of soul searching.  Ya know, trying to figure some things out and decide what it is that I really want out of this life.  As I was doing this so called "soul searching" I have come to realize that it's the small little joys in life that keep me going.  So many people seem to worry, and worry, and worry, that they never take the time to enjoy what it is they are actually doing!  I am a firm believer in the saying, "The Joy is in The  Journey."  This thing we call life is one of the greatest gifts we have been given and although at times it may get rough,  that is no reason we cannot enjoy it.  So much sadness in the world, so much suffering, so much distress that I think the world could use a happier breed of people.  I have made a goal and promised myself that I will not let a day go by that I don't laugh out loud, and at least smile for a while and take a step back to appreciate my journey and all that I have learned from it.  I am not perfect, far from that, but I have learned so much from my life that I do not regret anything.   I realize there is nothing I can do to change the past, only the future and I am excited for what is ahead, all the little joys, struggles, stresses, vacations and experiences that will continue to shape me into the person that i will eventually become!
Some of the Little Things
  • Vacations with friends & family
  • White Sunglasses (yes they are know who you are)
  • Getting caught singing out loud in your car
  • Poker Face
  • Accent's (yes Jenn, that one is for you!)
  • A full tank of gas
  • Discounts on anything
  • Happy People
  • Unexpected Messages
  • Soccer games
  • The freakin sun